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Grow WA Support Groups

Grow is a community mental health movement organised and led by people who are recovering from or who have recovered from mental illness or disorder such as depression or anxiety, or from various other personal challenges of life.

Grow is different things to different people:

¨ To a mentally ill person Grow is a program of recovery.

¨ To a person suffering from the stresses and crises of life, Grow is a way to prevent breakdown and possible hospitalisation.

¨ To a person seeking personal growth and fulfillment, Grow is a school of adult education of life.

Essentially, Grow is a caring and sharing community of people who are using the Grow Program to help themselves and each other take back control of their lives, overcome obstacles and challenges and life a life full of meaning, hope and optimism.


¨ GROW GROUPS in the metropolitan and country areas. These weekly, 2 hourly meetings combine personal

testimonies, progress, group work on problems and adult education about rebuilding lives.

¨ FRIENDSHIP NETWORKS between-meetings support and friendship is encouraged through telephone calls and social activities.

¨ LIVE-IN WEEKENDS workshops and leadership activities for developing members' leadership and life skills

¨ ORIENTATION DISCUSSIONS to hospitals and community groups and organisations and PR Training


Other activities and events organized throughout the year for our members include Grow book club, Grow craft club, picnics, coffee get-togethers, winter get-togethers, annual bushwalk-a-thon, community weekend (overnight stay) in summer, DVD nights and various fundraising events such as raffles, craft stalls, sausage sizzles and street appeals.

Members are invited and encouraged to take part in the leadership activities and in community outreach.

Participation in the Grow community is a grounding for developing interests, involvement and skills in the general

community and is key to our vision of empowering individuals to create the personal change that leads to social and emotional wellbeing and re-engagement in the wider community.


Grow groups are open to all and the problems and diagnoses are many and varied. They include but are not limited to, people suffering from depression (including post-natal depression), bi-polar affective disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety and panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and agoraphobia.

Grow groups also assist people with their relationships and family issues, stress-related problems, lack of selfesteem, loneliness and rejection and addictions. Grow can also assist family with a partner or family member with a mental illness.

18 Barrett St, Wembley WA

Phone: 08 9228 1411
Free Call: 1800 558 268


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