Perth Metro

City of Rockingham logo

City of Rockingham

Penny McCall
P: (08) 9528 0336

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City of Joondalup

Rob Dickason
P: (08) 9400 4503

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City of Mandurah

Gail Frater
P: (08) 9550 3711

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City of Kalamunda

Donna Skuja
P: (08) 9257 9871

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City of Wanneroo

Sari Keating
P: (08) 9405 5891

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City of Melville

Janet Armarego
P: (08) 9364 0280

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City of Subiaco

Dorte Hansen
P: (08) 9237 9325

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Town of Victoria Park

Jamie-Lee Gale
P: (08) 9373 5450

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Fremantle Women's Health Centre

Mandie Lewis
P: (08) 9431 0500

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Shire of Mundaring

Karen White
P: (08) 9290 6715

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City of Fremantle

Erinn Litchfield
P: 08 9432 9939

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City of Cockburn

Gloria Askander
P: 08 9411 3503

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Town of East Fremantle

Karen Dore
P: (08) 9339 9342

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City of South Perth

Leonie Glass
P: 9474 0777

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City of Stirling

Stephanie Boyd
P: (08) 9205 8981

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City of Bayswater

Ross Millard
P: (08) 9272 0974

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South Metropolitan Health Service

Nadine Radin
P: 9586 4504

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City of Armadale

Kirsten Beckingham
P: 08 9394 5156

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Shire of Murray

Trick Cole
P: 08 9531 7708

South West

South West Women's Health & Information Centre logo

South West Women's Health & Information Centre

Lesley Jackes
P: 1800 673 350

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Shire of Manjimup

Sharon Wilkinson
P: (08) 9771 7752

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Shire of Capel

Lesley Jackes
P: (08) 9727 0222

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Shire of Collie

Tamsin Emmett

Great Southern

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Shire of Gnowangerup

Kirsty Boyd
P: (08) 9827 1007

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Shire of Cranbrook

Samantha O’Neill
P: (08) 9826 2204

WA Country Health Service Great Southern (Albany)

Tracy Waddell
P: (08) 9842 7574


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Eastern Wheatbelt Primary Health

Jenni Snook
P: (08) 9081 3371

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Western Wheatbelt Primary Health Service

Shani Sieczka
P: (08) 9690 1723

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Southern Wheatbelt Primary Health Service

Ellen Smith
P: (08) 9881 0385

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Avon & Central Wheatbelt Primary Health Service

Sonya Furneyvall
P: (08) 9690 1616


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Shire of Morawa

Renee King
P: (08) 9971 1204


Nintirri Centre logo

Nintirri Centre

Aimee Rawson
P: 0487 744 954

Pilbara Population Health logo

Pilbara Population Health

Kianna Barker
P: (08) 9174 1300

Shire of East Pilbara logo

Shire of East Pilbara

Chloe Townsend
P: 9175 8000

Perth Metro

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Perth Metro

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National Institute of Public Health logo ABC for Mental Sundhedd logo

National Institute of Public Health

ABC for Mental Sundhedd


In 2014 Denmark became the first country outside of Australia to implement Act-Belong-Commit. The messages were translated and adjusted to fit into a Danish context and the campaign is now known as ABC for mental sundhed (The ABC of mental health). In 2016 Denmark established a partnership between municipalities and organisations to be able to communicate the message in different arenas and create settings that give people the opportunity to engage in mental health promoting activities. The partnership is coordinated by the Danish National Institute of Public Health, which is embedded in the University of Southern Denmark in Copenhagen. The project is still developing and the partnership now includes 8 organisations and 7 municipalities.

Norwegian HPH Network, Akershus University Hospital  logo

Norwegian HPH Network, Akershus University Hospital 

ABC for Mental Sunnhet


In late 2016 public health professionals in Norway followed suit from their Danish neighbours and adopted the Act-Belong-Commit as the national mental health promotion strategy for Norway. In the past 12 months, the six staff working on Act-Belong-Commit in Norway has been building a solid foundation to network and spread the message.

The Council for Public Health logo

The Council for Public Health

ABC fyri sálarliga heilsu

The Faroe Islands

In 2016 The Council for Public Health in the Faroe Islands invited Dr. Rob Donovan to present the Act-Belong-Commit concept at their yearly Public Health Conference. In the aftermath of the conference, the Council decided to adapt the concept. Early 2017 the initial work began, and Act-Belong-Commit is now a health promotion strategy working on national level on the Faroes. The project has developed into a partnership with 18 municipalities, organisations and associations with the principal objective to facilitate mental health and awareness among the population on the Faroe Islands.

Elon University  logo

Elon University

United States of America

In 2018 Elon University became the first organisation in the United States of America to adopt Act-Belong-Commit. Elon BrainCARE Research Institute and the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness have partnered to lead these campus wide initiatives for the University with the intention of fostering a climate and creating a culture of a mentally healthy Elon.

Healthway logo


Founding Partner

Healthway (The Health Promotion Foundation of WA) commissioned the Mental Health Promotion Scoping Project in 2002 that informed the development of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign. Healthway has continued to be a major funder of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign since the pilot phase in 2005.

Curtin University logo

Curtin University

Major Supporter

Curtin University is a major supporter of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign, providing critical infrastructure to ensure effective delivery of the campaign since its inception. The Mentally Healthy WA team is based at Curtin University’s Bentley campus.

Mental Health Commission logo

Mental Health Commission

Funding Partner

The Western Australian Mental Health Commission is a major funding partner of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign and has been since the beginning of the state-wide expansion in 2008.