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To become the best I can be, so that when other's see me they don't judge me for not having money etc, as to me what someone looks like is not who they are spiritualy. For others to give me a chance before judging me.
Deborah Briskie from Middle Swan
To live my life one day at a time, and put myself first.
Alya Nur Aeni from Indonesia
To be worthy
Sadaf Sarfraz from Lahore
To more grateful, contented and satisfied of all the things that I have
Pauline Joy Jordan from Philippines
Look for the good in every situation amd every person
Loren Carbajal from Philadelphia
To Stay Mentally Healthy
Alex from Osborne Park
My pledge is to donate lots of food to the homeless.
Lily from Perth
I promise to forget the past that holds me back and be happier each day
Nompumelelo from Newcastle
i want to feel better mentally
Oliver from North Lake

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