Self-Assessment Tool

Well done on taking the first step to boosting your mental wellbeing by completing this interactive Act-Belong-Commit Self-Assessment Tool.

It should take less than 10 minutes to complete and at the end you will have the option to print or email your scores to yourself. We hope it inspires you to Act, Belong and Commit to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Please note, this tool is not designed to evaluate your mental health - it’s simply designed to help you rate your involvement in mentally healthy activities.

Some Basic Details

Before you begin, please fill in a few basic details below. These details will be kept strictly confidential within Act-Belong-Commit. Providing these details will give us more accurate statistics to help improve our programs and internal focus.

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Your Overall Wellbeing

This set of questions measures your current state of overall wellbeing. Answer the questions in the order that they appear. You can then work out your overall wellbeing score and see what it means.

Over the last 2 weeks...

Q1: I've been feeling optimistic about the future
Q2: I've been feeling useful
Q3: I've been feeling relaxed
Q4: I've been feeling interested in other people
Q5: I've had energy to spare
Q6: I've been dealing with problems well
Q7: I've been thinking clearly

Your Overall Wellbeing Continued

Over the last 2 weeks...

Q8: I've been feeling good about myself
Q9: I've been feeling closer to other people
Q10: I've been feeling confident
Q11: I've been able to make up my own mind about things
Q12: I've been feeling loved
Q13: I've been interested in new things
Q14: I've been feeling cheerful


Answer the following questions and find out how active you are.

Physical Activity

Q1: Apart from your job and household tasks, how often do you do something physically active?

(e.g. walk, garden, dance, jog, swim, and so on)

Mental Activity

Q2: Apart from your job, how often do you do something requiring thinking and concentration?

(e.g. read, paint, learn something, do a crossword puzzle, play video games)

Social Activity

Q3: Apart from in your job and with members of your household, how often do you have contact with other people where you stop for a chat, talk on the phone or chat online?

Spiritual Activity

Q4: How often do you engage in spiritual activities like attending a service, meeting with others for a spiritual purpose, meditating, reflecting on the meaning of life or the natural world?


Now answer the following questions to find out how much you belong.

Friends and Family

Q1: How often do you get together with a group of friends, workmates or family for outings, meals or special events?

Local Community

Q2: How often do you attend community events?

(e.g. music festivals, theatre, markets, local sporting events, school fairs, residents’ meetings, local government events, local business groups, local ‘clean up’ events)

Specific Interest Groups

Q3a: Do you belong to any formal or informal groups, clubs or organisations?

(e.g. sports club, car club, book club, fitness group, dance class, theatre group, social club, cooking group, card group, hobby group, cultural or ethnic group)

Q4: How often do you attend large public events such as major sporting fixtures, major musical events, or any events where there are very large crowds?
Q5: If you are in paid employment, how much do you feel part of a close knit team?


Answer the following questions to find out how much you 'commit'.

Personal challenges and goals

Q1a: Are you doing something challenging at the moment?

(e.g. home or garden renovations, enrolled in a course, training for a ‘fun run’ or competitive sport, learning a new skill, like woodwork, the guitar, painting or welding)

Challenges at work

Q2: If you are employed, is your work challenging and involve learning new things, or is it fairly easy?
Q3a: Do you belong to any formal or informal groups, clubs or organisations?


Q4a: Are you actively involved with a cause-related group seeking additional resources, legislative or policy change?

(e.g. for disadvantaged groups, environmental preservation, etc.?)

Volunteer work

Q5a: Are you a volunteer for any charitable organisations, community groups, health or social welfare organisations, or other non-government organisations?

(e.g. coaching a sporting team, mentoring a colleague, volunteering for Red Cross, meals on wheels, etc.?)

General helping out

Q6: Apart from any formal volunteering work, how often do you do something to help someone?

(e.g. help a neighbour, cook a meal or clean for a sick friend, help students with projects?)


Congratulations on completing the Act-Belong-Commit Self Assessment Tool!

Take a look at your results below to see how you scored.

  • Overall
  • Act
  • Belong
  • Commit

Overall Wellbeing Score

Act Score

Belong Score

Commit Score

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to complete this interactive Act-Belong-Commit self-assessment tool.

If you would like some activities, tips and ideas on how to improve your mental health take a look at The Act-Belong-Commit Guide to Keeping Mentally Healthy - you can work though it online or download a copy to print.