Mentally Healthy WA

Mentally Healthy WA’s vision is to work toward a society that values mental health and where everyone has the opportunity to be mentally healthy. Its mission is to enhance population mental health by creating supportive environments that strengthens individual and community resilience.

Mentally Healthy WA (based at Curtin University) operates the well-established mental health promotion campaign Act-Belong-Commit, which has continued to grow in reach and impact as it helps to change attitudes towards mental health and reducing stigma towards mental illness by encouraging people to be more open about mental health issues and inspiring people to engage in activities that strengthen their mental well-being. 

Mentally Healthy WA uses a community-based social marketing model to build population mental health in Western Australia, and runs a number of programs including:

The Act-Belong-Commit Campaign

Act-Belong-Commit is a unique, evidence-based mental health promotion program applicable to the whole community. It was created in Western Australia, and has expanded to other states and globally.

As the campaign name suggests, people can build positive mental health by: 

Do something
keep physically, mentally, spiritually and socially active

Do something with someone
get involved in family, club or team activities, and participate in community events

Do something meaningful
take on challenges or causes that provide meaning and purpose.

There is substantial evidence that these three areas contribute to increasing levels of positive mental and physical health.

In essence, Act-Belong-Commit aims to increase individual and community wellbeing by increasing and strengthening connections between community members. This is achieved by encouraging participation in family, community events and organisations, and increasing collaboration between community organisations that offer activities conducive to good mental health and wellbeing.

Learn more about how you can improve your mental health and wellbeing.


The Act-Belong-Commit campaign is a widely recognised and accessible campaign, with its reach extending across Australia and globally. In 2011, a team at Waseda University in Japan adapted the campaign to help children affected by the Tsunami, and more recently The National Institute of Public Health in Denmark, The Norwegian Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (Norwegian HPH), and the Faroe Islands Council for Public Health have worked closely with the Act-Belong-Commit team to roll out the framework in their countries.

In 2013, Act-Belong-Commit was announced the winner of the Australian Medical Association (WA) and Healthway WA, Healthier WA Award. The Award recognised exceptional achievement in primary prevention within the Western Australian community. The campaign has also won a Mental Health Outcome Award (2009), Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention category, and been named a finalist in a number of other Awards over the last few years. 

Partnership Experience

Mentally Healthy WA is experienced in developing long and fruitful relationship, partnering with a variety of organisations, community groups and corporations to promote the Act-Belong-Commit campaign. Our 4-year partnership with Chevron, 10-year partnership with the Mental Health Commission, 10-year partnership with the City of Rockingham and 14-year partnership with Healthway are prime examples.

The Act-Belong Commit campaign is delivered through a structured partnership model, including Schools, Community, Associate and International partnerships. As of March 2019 we have 270 signed partners on board and aim to increase our partnerships to 300 by December 2019.

You can read the 2018 evaluation of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign here

You can read our 2017 Annual Impact Statement here.

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