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Strategic Plan 2016-2019

To extend the reach and strengthen the impact of the ABC Campaign

Enhanced Programs

Consolidated and refreshed programs, and the development of new initiatives that address the needs and aspirations of diverse and evolving communities

Expanded Reach

Increased engagement and connection with more jurisdictions, communities and sub-population groups, and increased participation in individual and community activities

Enhance capacity to deliver effective mental health promotion by fostering mutually beneficial relationships

Enriched Partnerships

Enhanced and additional working relationships with community partners

Investment in our Capacity

Renewed and additional relationships to secure investment for future growth and to ensure sustainability

To provide leadership in evidence-based mental health promotion

Research and Evaluation

Research that informs and evaluates the effectiveness of the A-B-C campaign in achieving its individual, community, advocacy and societal objectives

Contemporary Promotions and Communications

An evidence-based framework for mental health promotion via community based social marketing

To consolidate and build organisational capability

Strengthened Governance and Leadership

Enhanced direction setting and decision making

Empowered and Capable People

A diverse team who are passionate about mental health and have the capacity to fulfill our vision and mission

Efficient Operations

Quality systems, processes, and infrastructure are implemented that enable the provision of consistent and reliable services to decrease administrative burden and foster sustainable practices