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South West


Jackie Price

About this activity...

The Australind Art Club is a vibrant community based art club whose purpose is to satisfy the artistic need of its members who arrive from a broad range back grounds and experiences.

Our aim is to foster artistic pursuits amongst its members and promote the club in the wider community through numerous exhibitions at iconic Southwest art and community events.

The club offers a creative place to meet to learn and develop skills in various methods and mediums in a friendly atmosphere. Members are guided through the process of their development by professional artist and member Judy Noble.

Other activities include workshops by well known visiting artists – Ev Hale, Greg Allen, Ian de Souz and Malcom Beattie and more.

Framing and art materials (for purchase) are available on site from the AAC Members’ store.

Membership is not always available immediately due to the popularity of the club and the limitations of the meeting space, however we encourage you enrol on the waiting list as the rotation is continuous

Meeting Times: 8.30 to 2.00 – Monday and Wednesday weekly

Activity type: Arts & Crafts - Support Groups

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