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3 Saltash Avenue
City Beach, 6015


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About this activity...

Under the direction of Diana Waldron, O.A.M., Perth City Ballet and Prompt Corner produce ballets, children’s theatre and drama performances during the school holidays at a number of venues around Perth, Western Australia, including;

The Quarry Amphitheatre
Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Astor Theatre

• To develop, nurture and create opportunities for local artists and those who work in support of them.
• To develop and present original works in all facets of the performing arts at a state, national and international level.
• To develop and maintain working links and contacts with theatre companies and artists both within Australia and internationally.
• To maintain and improve the standard of the performing arts.
• To promote public interest in the enrichment of the community through the performance of the theatrical arts.
• To co-operate with local, state and Commonwealth Governments and their agencies in the promotion of these objectives.
• To encourage, foster, develop and promote the visual and performing arts in the local community.

School incursions are undertaken throughout the year and a wide country touring schedule is in place. Training is available in ballet (RAD), kids ballet, contemporary dance, drama and music theatre.

Call us for more information about our classes and performances.

Activity type: Comedy - Dance - Theatre & Cinema

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