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18 Mcwhae Gardens
Bayswater , 6053


Salv Casilli

About this activity...

Through various events we Raise Awareness and Reduce Stigma associated with Mental Health Issues. We also Provide a Lived Experience Speaker for all Events.

Blue Beats began in 2017 as an event to help raise awareness and funds for Beyondblue. Since its inception it has evolved to become an organisation where its core mission is to Raise Awareness and Lower Stigma associated with Mental Health Issues.  

We hold various events to encourage people who live with Mental Health issues to celebrate their strength and to encourage understanding of Mental Issues.  ​Founder and Director, Salv Casilli lives with anxiety and depression and can provide powerful insights in how he has evolved through the years.

Since holding our first event, Salv has become an official Beyondblue speaker and an advocate for Mental Health Issues.

Activity type: Support Groups

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