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Cnr Charles & Stirling Streets
Bunbury, 6232

About this activity...

Bunbury Studio Potters was established in 1979 for local artists to develop their skills in a group atmosphere and continues today

The group members range from potters with experience to 30+ years in the craft. The group aims are to encourage the development of quality ceramics, to skill share, and to promote the craft to the general community

The Bunbury Studio Potters have a dedicated studio at the Stirling Street Arts Centre equipped with pottery wheels, electric kilns, drying rooms, glazing facilities, a comprehensive library, and a range of smaller equipment enabling the potter to take their work from idea to completion in a studio environment.

Photos from the Bunbury Studio Potters annual exhibition which was held in October this year are featured below.

We welcome and encourage new members into our group. More on membership fees 

Meeting Times:
- Wednesday 9:00am – 8:30pm
- Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm
- Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm
- Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Activity type: Arts & Crafts

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