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5 Mackie Street
Victoria Park, 6100


Connect Victoria Park

About this activity...

Volunteering is at the heart of Connect Village Hub: we are a community of people who are happy to help each other out and donate time and skills. Volunteering is a great way to get to know your neighbours, develop relationships, find a purpose and be part of something bigger. It's even more valuable for those who want to age well in community. There are a few ways you can volunteer with the Village Hub or at Connect Victoria Park: the Neighbour-to-Neighbour program, volunteer at the Village Hub, at Connect's Community Kitchen, or Connect's Housing Units.At different times, we may need help with specific tasks, so we encourage you to get in touch to know more. We would love to hear about the skills and expertise you may be able to contribute. Volunteers join as Friends of the Village Hub, receive and review our volunteer policy and procedures, and attend a short induction. We are required to ask for a National Police Clearance and offer volunteer insurance, and this will be covered by your yearly membership fee of $20. If you are already a member of the Village Hub, you don't need to sign up as a Friend or pay anything extra, just get in touch. To know more about volunteer at Connect and the Village Hub, and to apply, please email

Activity type: Support Groups - Volunteering & Giving Back

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