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Darts Western Australia (Darts WA or DWA) is the peak body for our sport in Western Australia. We are affiliated with Darts Australia and also the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the World Darts Federation (WDF).

We continue to welcome new players to the sport every year through our many associations and clubs throughout Western Australia so if you are looking to take up this fantastic sport and play in a structured competition, make sure you get in touch with us or one of our many associations today.

The Mens and Ladies State teams have won many more National titles than any other State and currently still compete extremely well at this level. 1974 saw the development of the under 25’s and 1980 was the beginning of the under 18’s program. Both of these are still going strong.

Today competitions are held for all ages and ability levels and whilst the game has had its ups and downs, is on a bit of a rise right now due the sport receiving some high profile recognition on TV and with the Perth Darts Masters being a well recognised and high profile event.

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