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Down Under Discoveries is a small family owned tour company offering a range of nature based experiences, eco tours, hikes & 4WD adventures to many unique attractions throughout Porongurup, Albany and the South West of Western Australia.

We love the outdoors and are deeply connected to country, to nature. Our aim is to create connections, build awareness and understanding for people about the natural places around them, driven by the belief that given the right opportunities, people who had previously seen the natural environment as irrelevant or peripheral to their lives, would discover the benefits of being outdoors, for themselves and for nature. They would then come to value those benefits and develop a level of care and commitment for the natural places around them as we do.

We are deeply passionate about the Environment and do all that we can to minimise our impact on it. We are an Eco Accredited Tour Operator committed to conducting our nature based tourism experiences in an environmentally sustainable manner. We aim to comply with the environmental protection standards and by the principals of sustainable tourism. You can read more about our commitment via our Sustainability page.

We are committed to providing you with extraordinary experiences Down Under, creating memories that you will treasure forever. Getting up close with Australian animals in their natural environment, sampling bush tucker and fresh local produce and engaging with local communities behind the scenes  are just some of the things you can experience on our Eco Tours.

Promoting good mental health overall to men, women and children through our Nature Immersion experiences is something we are also pretty passionate about. Our Tourism Wellness offerings are based on 'Eco Therapy' which provides therapeutic experiences that often contribute to a reduction in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression which lead to positive change in peoples lives. You can read more on our Nature Immersion page.

Most of us spent ample time in nature as children, climbing trees, exploring rocks and bugs, and playing outdoors with friends but today’s children often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment. Down Under Discoveries is committed to providing some of those opportunities through our Kidz Outdoorz program.

Our staff are experienced and qualified, committed to looking after you and giving you an excellent experience on every level. If you are after a more tailored type of day tour to meet your interests and needs, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Nature - Ocean & River - Walking & Hiking

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