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34 Main St
Ellenbrook, 6069

About this activity...

Ellenbrook Arts is the key arts and cultural development organisation serving Ellenbrook and surrounding suburbs.

​Formed in 2002, the mission of Ellenbrook Arts is to promote and participate in cultural events and programs, including the promotion of literature, music, performing arts, visual art, craft, design, film, television, radio, community arts and Aboriginal arts at Ellenbrook Estate, and to promote the benefit of participation in cultural events and programs, concerts and exhibitions at Ellenbrook Estate.

​Ellenbrook Arts also manages the Grapevine, a venue for hire for cultural activities, and a range of community outreach projects and programs in collaboration with local schools, groups and individuals.

Address: 34 Main St, Ellenbrook, Western Australia 6069

Activity type: Arts & Crafts - Support Groups

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