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When & Where

Unit 6 Charles Wilson Arcade
88 Dempster Street
Esperance, 6450

About this activity...

The Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre is 'one-stop shop' for the community. Services include:
- A list of local volunteer positions for individuals
- A referral service for volunteer involving agencies
- Keeping track of volunteer positions
- Providing regular training sessions
- Assisting and providing guidelines to agencies
- Acting as the central point for volunteer recruitment drives and major recognition celebrations such as National Volunteer Week (May) and Thank a Volunteer Day (5 December).

The Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre holds training sessions throughout the year on topics related to all things volunteering. Click here for more info!

Address: Unit 6 Charles Wilson Arcade, 88 Dempster Street, Esperance WA 6450

Open Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, Closed Wednesdays.

Activity type: Support Groups - Volunteering & Giving Back

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