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When & Where

The Mata Hari Dance Studio
5 Hydro Rise
Bibra Lake, 6164


$30 membership


About this activity...

The Free Spirit Dance Community Inc., based in Bibra Lake, Western Australia, is a vibrant, community based group of belly dancers and musicians. A safe, supportive, nurturing and non-competitive environment for dancers and associated artists.

We believe in empowering women - the bringing together of spirits through music and dance.We would like women to become motivated and enthusiastic about exercise, which promotes positive self-esteem and body image.This in turn provides a wider support network and encourages new friendships through using community facilities.

We run a program of events throughout the year, performance nights (called 'Haflas'), Student Stages, Open Nights and some social events. Suggestions always welcome!


Venue: The Mata Hari Dance Studio, 5 Hydro Rise Bibra Lake.

Activity type: Dance - Music - Spiritual - Theatre & Cinema

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