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75 Riverside Drive
East Fremantle, 6158

About this activity...

Fremantle Rowing Club is a growing, enthusiastic and competitive rowing club.

We have a mix of junior, senior through to master category members. Athletes compete at all levels of expertise from novice through to State and Australian representation. Please enquire if you would also just like to row rather than compete.

Fremantle Rowing Club is one of Perth's oldest rowing clubs being established in 1886, nestled on the southern shore of the beautiful Swan River, just upstream from Fremantle Harbour.

The club offers a host of rowing opportunities including Learn to Row lessons, an annual Corporate Regatta, Competitive rowing squads, and much much more.

Like to give rowing a try? Contact us if you are interested. 

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Nature - Ocean & River - Sports & Fitness

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