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34 Boulder Road
Kalgoorlie, 6430


About this activity...

GOLD RUSH CHEER in Kalgoorlie is a community based cheerleading gym that promotes the amazing athletic sport of cheerleading!

Our cheerleading program is designed to promote pride, passion and sportsmanship as well as encouraging fun, fitness and friendships. Our programs cater for a range of ages from 2 years old and up, offering performances at community events, team bonding activities ensuring every participant has the opportunity to live their cheer dreams and reach their full potential.

Gold Rush Cheer boasts a fun and positive environment for athletes not only to learn great athletic skills but strive to develop life skills to be proud of, such as team work, determination, willingness to learn spirit on and off the floor, including everyone, being kind, friendly helpful athletes that we are proud of!

Our Mission at GOLD RUSH CHEER is to help every athlete have fun, work hard to reach not only their goals but the squads goals too, make friends and build self-confidence. Ensuring this in a positive safe working environment, learning new skills and growing to your full potential! We look forward to welcoming you into our gym and become part of the Gold Rush Cheer family!


Activity type: Dance - Health & Wellness - Support Groups

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