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When & Where

Lancelin Golf Course
Lancelin Road
Lancelin, 6044


Adults $20 Junior $5


Lancelin Golf Club
Mike Cardy

About this activity...

Lancelin Golf Course is fully reticulated and is, well, think of a colour, as long as it’s GREEN.

This course is listed as one of Perth’s Best Public Courses. We don’t want to keep it a secret! So get your gear and have a great day on the grass.

Afterwards, take in the equally stunning views at the famous Endeavour Tavern. Our Jewel in the Dunes will not disappoint, whether you are a GUN, GRUNT or BEGINNER. Bring a crowd and make a weekend of it.

Book and pay online, via the website.

Come and mix it up with the Scroungers on a Thursday or Sunday or any other day and take in our fabulous Indian Ocean vistas at this “Jewel in the Dunes”.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Nature - Ocean & River - Sports & Fitness

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