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HU4K Volunteers provide support to students helping them to become successful, confident and capable readers.

HU4K sources and places volunteers who work under the direction of partnering schools (Literacy specialists and teachers) to make a tangible contribution towards improved reading abilities for students selected as needing this help.

HANDS UP 4 KIDS can and is making a difference to the life's chances of huge numbers of young children, giving them an opportunity to achieve their academic and social potential. You can join a Partner School’s Volunteer Team by:
- Calling the Regional Coordinator to make a time to talk about your interest
- Meet with the Regional Volunteer Coordinator and discuss what will work best for you and for HU4K
- Provide personal referees and obtain a Working With Children Card

 Learn more about volunteering with us here.

Activity type: Books & Reading - Support Groups - Volunteering & Giving Back

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