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182 Lord Street
Perth , 6000


About this activity...

HelpingMinds offers free support to the family and friends of people living with mental health challenges across WA.

We started as ARAFMI over 40 years ago and we understand that having a loved one who is experiencing mental ill-health can be a difficult and isolating experience. But you don’t have to go through it alone.

We are here to listen and to provide you with emotional and practical supports that will help you and your family cope during stressful times.

Our free and confidential services include:
- Counselling and support groups for family and friends
- Early intervention programs for children and young people
- Assistance and support through the NDIS
- Mental health programs for schools and the community
- Helping family and friends to understand their rights and have their voice heard

If you are a mental health carer or have someone close to you living with mental health challenges, contact us today.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Support Groups

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