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266 Morgan Rd
Meelon, 6208

About this activity...

We are an organisation committed to empowering young people at risk, (and their families) by providing residential services, mentoring, counselling, holistic and innovative therapies and psychology care in the homely setting of our Meelon farm, in the southern suburbs of Western Australia.

With a focus on fixing the gaps in our youth development and mental health systems, Homestead for Youth works with innovative and holistic therapy approaches for young people and their families who fall in the bracket of “able to help themselves” but are not able to.

Some of our unique and successful outcomes-based therapy approach include:
- residential family style farm recovery home,
- hands-on program (e.g. equine therapy and car restoration),
- empowering and strength based suicide prevention message,
- and sensory animal farm therapy (the first in Western Australia).

Activity type: Animals - Support Groups

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