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When & Where

12 Galilee Grove
Joondalup, 6027


Allan Connolly

About this activity...

Kommuniti is powered by the Nextdoor Hub, with over 1200+ subscribers in Kingsley and access to 3500+ in the wider Group. Subscribers are offered opportunities to join one of the many planned Meetups, Groups and Klubs* that bring the Kommunities closer together.

- Kommuniti Kuppa Meetup - FREE Meets twice monthly at the local coffee shop
- Kommuniti Walking Group - FREE Walks every Saturday morning
- Kommuniti Edible Gardens Meetup - FREE Meets monthly at Home Edible Gardens
- Kommuniti Edible Gardens Klub - PAID Grow it locally, your own organically grown fruit and vegetables

Activity type: Gardening - Nature - Support Groups - Walking & Hiking

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