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Coolibah Drive and Mangaloo Street
Kununurra, 6743


Kununurra School and Community Library

About this activity...

The Kununurra Community & School Library is a shared facility supported by the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and the Kununurra District High School.

The library aims to provide excellent and relevant library programs, resources and customer service to the students, community members and visitors of Kununurra District High School and the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley.

Kununurra Community & School Library specialises in children's services, visiting author and illustrator events, programs that promote community harmony and resources about the Kimberley. Kununurra Community and School Library is frequently described as the cultural hub of the town - a reputation we are proud of!

The Library offers Rhyme Time and Story Time each week. These sessions are an opportunity for children and their parents to read books, sing songs and participate in many other activities all of which will encourage the enjoyment of books. The library also hosts a number of events during the year - the Kimberley Writers Festival, Children's Book Week, and visiting author and illustrator programs.

The library is located on the corner of Coolibah Drive and Mangaloo Street, Kununurra and is situated on the East Kimberley College grounds.

You can follow us on Facebook at Kununurra School & Community Library

Activity type: Books & Reading - Music - Support Groups

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