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From Thursday, 24 October 2024 to Friday, 25 October 2024

When & Where

Thursday 8.30sm - 4.00pm; Friday 9.00sm - 3.00pm
Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
1 Blair Street
Bunbury, 6230


$65 for 2 days, including all meals - M/T; lunch & A/T


University of the Third Age Bunbury, Inc

About this activity...

University of the Third Age or U3A for short, is an international body of like-minded people, over 50, who are not working full-time to come together and connect through learning. We have no entry qualifications, no exams and no diplomas - just learning for learning sake. All groups are administered and teach through volunteers either with speakers or courses, or both! Come and get curious about us and listen to our speakers and learn something new at the world-class facilities at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre. All older members of the public are welcome.

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