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Squashworld Mirrabooka
1/42 Mirrabooka Avenue
Mirrabooka, 6061


COURT HIRE: Junior Off-Peak Fee: $10 per junior. Off-peak fee (Monday-Friday): $22 per hour. Peak fee (After 5pm Monday-Thursday): $32 per hour. Weekend fee: $25 per hour. 30 minute blocks also available. SOCIAL SQUASH Saturdays 12pm-1pm $14 per person. JUNIORS Thursdays 4pm-6pm, term fees apply, Kidsport funding for eligible families.


Mirrabooka Squash Club
Serena Richardson

About this activity...

Squash is a racquet sport with two players, a hollow rubber ball and a four-walled court. Players alternate hitting the ball inside the ‘out of court’ lines and above the tin. A squash game is usually played to 11 points, best of five games, and the winner must win by 2 if a game’s points reach 10-all.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Sports & Fitness

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