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When & Where

St Stephens Church Hall
2 MacKenzie Rd
Applecross, 6153


About this activity...

One Achord is a community choir welcoming anyone who loves to sing.  They sing many styles of music including traditional, classical rock, pop and gospel.  One Achord performs within the community at local events such as the Heart Foundation Memorial Service and the RSL Anzac Service. They present an annual family concert to support selected charities and sing at other community events on request.  One Achord also joins other choirs at the Voice Move Choir Bashes and music festivals throughout the South West.

Rehearsals are on a Monday 7:30pm-9:30pm or Wednesday 10am-12pm. Located at St Stephens Church Hall, Applecross.


Activity type: Arts & Crafts - Health & Wellness - Music

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