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Perth CBD


About this activity...

At Only the Human, we believe that good improv comedy is mostly about being a good person. When we trust one another, listen closely, and play recklessly we can become the best version of ourselves on and off stage.

Our mission is to make comedy open to everybody - through our improv classes, performances, and corporate workshops.

Whether you’re looking for personal skills, professional skills, or funny skills - there’s something in improv for you. We’ve taught hundreds of classes to students from all walks of life.

Improv classes aren’t just for funny people. We’ve taught improv to hundreds of people— plumbers, human resource consultants, geologists, town planners, electricians, and much more. We’ve helped people collaborate better, speak more confidently and get out of their comfort zone.

Our improv classes offer personal skills, professional skills and funny skills all wrapped up in one.

Activity type: Comedy - Theatre & Cinema

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