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Orienteering is a cross-country navigation sport. Participants use a map and compass to find their way around a marked course, traditionally on foot and in the bush although newer orienteering disciplines involve metropolitan areas and mountain biking. 

Orienteering WA (OWA) runs events throughout the year. Orienteering is traditionally a winter sport in Australia, and the winter series consists of bush events held most weekends.

In the summer, OWA runs Saturday evening events in the Perth metropolitan area. There is also the NavDash Sprint Series, a popular series of short events held in complex areas such as school and university campuses as well as some nearby bush areas.

The OWA Mountain Bike Orienteering events are spread throughout winter, and it is another great way to get some exercise and some time in the outdoors at all levels of fitness and riding ability.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Nature - Sports & Fitness

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