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When & Where

Wednesdays at 6:45pm
Nollamara Tennis Club
Kindra Way
Nollamara, 6061

About this activity...

Love to Sing? Why not join us!

You too could be part of the Perth Harmony community - a group of awesome women who do amazing things together!

Singing with Perth Harmony provides the opportunity to develop your singing technique, musicianship, performance and ensemble skills with support and guidance from experienced teachers.

Off the risers, you’ll gain new friends and the chance to clock up a lifetime of fabulous experiences.

Do you love to Harmonise? Do you sing along with the backup vocals? Improvise harmonies? Add a sweet descant high above? Or perhaps enjoy singing a rhythmic baseline? There is a place for you!

The first step is to come along to a rehearsal!!

Rehearsals are Every Wednesday 6:45 pm at Nollamara Tennis Club Kindra Way, Nollamara.

Join us!

Activity type: Music - Theatre & Cinema

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