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Albany, 6331

About this activity...

A Probus Club is an association of retired and semi-retired people where friends meet and new friendships form. Clubs provide the opportunity to explore new places, discover new interests with trips and social outings. Also, Members enjoy the company of other retirees and the guest speaker at monthly meetings.

Probus Clubs have activity groups for members to engage in, dependent on their own lifestyle and interests. Activities may include interests such as walking, bike riding, dining, movies, book club, coffee mornings, winery visits, trips to local places of interest and more. The opportunity for interstate and international travel will provideadditional stimulus and experience. 

Clubs meet monthly providing an opportunity for members to keep active, expand their interests and to enjoy the company of new friends with a focus on fun, friendshop and fellowship.

Activity type: Cycling - Health & Wellness - Support Groups - Theatre & Cinema - Walking & Hiking

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