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As a leading mental health organisation, we believe people CAN and DO recover. Many people experience challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. As a registered NDIS provider, Richmond Wellbeing is here to share and support your recovery journey.

As humans we all experience distress at times. There is a common misconception that a diagnosis of mental ill health is a life sentence, but the evidence is clear this is not the case. The important thing is that we can embrace these experiences as part of our personal journey of recovery.

Richmond Wellbeing supports you to grow the confidence and skills needed to meet the challenges of daily life. In our environment promoting total wellbeing, healing and the tools to independence, you can discover and build your vision of a better life. Resolute in our mission to work alongside people, employing leading practice, to support recovery and wellbeing, we’re committed to a community where people are able to recover and live a valued and fulfilling life..

There is no one path to recovery and wellness, and no quick fix, because every person has their own unique experiences and personal challenges. Bringing together different aspects of healthy living, Richmond Wellbeing has been sharing the journey of recovery with people in the WA community for over 40 years. Offering supported accommodation, NDIS supports and community services, we assist you towards self-empowerment and living well in your community.

The Richmond Wellbeing office operates during normal business hours.

In a emergency or if you require an immediate response, please see our list of  Emergency and Alternate Contacts.

Activity type: Support Groups

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