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1 Sholl Street
Roebourne, 6718

About this activity...

Roebourne PCYC is a safe place for everyone. The centres main goal is to provide an environment to keep young members of the community safe - a place where youth can leave everything at the door come in, have a feed and have some fun.

With 99% of the young people attending Roebourne PCYC coming from an indigenous background, the main focus of the centre is to provide a safe place for the local youth, away from domestic violence and types of abuse.

Roebourne PCYC also caters to the needs of the community through the design and implementation diversionary and recreational programs that are targeted towards the local youth.

Because Roebourne PCYC doesn’t have an opportunity to produce an income from recreational activities and other programs, securing ongoing funding to deliver youth engagement activities and programs, is a constant challenge. Roebourne PCYC is dependent on seeking involvement and support from local businesses and volunteers within the community.

You can find us at 1 Sholl Street, Roebourne, 6718, WA.

Activity type: Support Groups

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