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Perth CBD

About this activity...

She Seeks Adventure Inc is a Not For Profit Organisation dedicated to providing women with a multitude of opportunities to explore the world outside of their comfort zone.

Our goal is to inspire women to push through their barriers and fears by providing new and challenging experiences. Our participants will meet like-minded women in a safe and inclusive environment while interacting with Mother Nature.

We promote women’s personal growth by providing adventures that build self-confidence and assist in the creation of a positive mindset.

What was initially just a program run underneath the Down Under Discoveries banner is proudly now a stand alone organisation but until such time as we get enough support, grants and financial sponsorship through for our own website, all activities and information will be found here.

Join the She Seeks Adventure community, meet like-minded women and nurture your wild spirit. We look forward to welcoming you to the She Seeks Adventure Community.

Activity type: Nature - Support Groups

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