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1 Rotary Ave
Withers , 6230

About this activity...

The South West Academy of Sport is developing tomorrow’s champions.

We’re giving junior athletes talent development opportunities in the region they call home – and its working.

The South West Academy of Sport is styled after the Western Australian Institute of Sport and successful regional models in the eastern states of Australia, which are responsible for producing champions such as Olympic cyclist Ben Kirsten, Australia’s most successful gymnast Alanna Slater and Australian cricketer Brett Lee.

The Academy is designed to enhance training and support at a local level for up-and-coming athletes pursuing sporting excellence.

It reduces the burden of travel to the metropolitan area for those already aspiring to the elite level of sport, and create new opportunities for future champions.

The Academy aims to develop the talent of athletes in their chosen sport and educate them with life skills such as nutrition, fitness, injury prevention and career counselling to hold them in good stead for a future in sport.

A: 1 Rotary Ave, Withers WA 6230


Activity type: Health & Wellness - Sports & Fitness - Support Groups

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