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When & Where

Hawker Park Primary school
Warwick, 6024

About this activity...

Space to Sing is a place where everyone and anyone can have a go at singing. All voices welcome.

We sing, arrange and enjoy music in a friendly environment. We sing from 6-8 Mondays in Hawker Park Primary school, which is just off the freeway at Warwick Rd, making it approachable from all areas of Perth.

This is a music group where you have a say on what you sing and how it is sung as we believe in being fully inclusive. We sing all styles of music so there is something for everyone. So if you have a favourite song you would like to sing or you have written a song and want to see how it sounds this is your opportunity.

We are part of Voice Moves WA and would like to have you join us. It is for men, women and children from 8 years old but children need to be accompanied by a parent until the age of 16.

We hope to see you soon.

Activity type: Music

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