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Mandurah, 6210


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If you are in Mandurah on a Sunday morning, you can hear the bells ringing out from the tower of Christ’s Church. The eight bells were installed in 1998 and have been rung regularly since.

However, we – the Mandurah Bellringers - find ourselves at a critical point in terms of bellringers, which may well mean that hearing the bells on a Sunday or for weddings, may well become a thing of the past.

We really do need to teach some more ringers to ensure that Mandurah bells will continue to ring into the future.

Bellringing is a unique experience and a serious team effort, resulting in a really beautiful sound and an amazing feeling of achievement.

It’s free and attending church services is optional.
No musical knowledge is required, however, a good sense of rhythm is an advantage.
Age isn’t important; you just need to be willing and physically able to take up the challenge, and be reasonably well-coordinated. Why not learn as a family?
There are no steps to the Ringing Room.
There are seven other belltowers in WA and, if you travel around Australia or the world, you will have an instant connection with the local community by turning up for Sunday service ringing or a practice night at one of the 5,500 belltowers worldwide.
Initial training is done one-on-one until you can ring a bell competently. Then you join the rest of the band for practice, where you learn to ring as part of the team. Having achieved this we ask you to join us for ringing on a Sunday morning.
On completion of training, as a Christ’s Church ringer it is expected that you will ring on Sunday mornings.
Drop in on a Sunday morning from 9:30-10:00am or on a Tuesday evening, we’re there from 7:00-8:30pm.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0412 199 956 or Janine, the Deputy Tower Captain, on 0417 986 562, for a chat.

Activity type: Support Groups

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