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507 Julimar Road
Toodyay, 6566

About this activity...

Toodyay Ballet School has been operating in the Wheatbelt now for 23 fantastic years. 

We offer classes in classical ballet (Cecchetti Method), jazz, stretching, acrobatics and contemporary/lyrical, catering for children as young as 18 months and as old as 70!

TBS is a happy place where you can learn to do back bends, cartwheels, backflips, fast jazz dance, beautiful ballet and get to wear gorgeous costumes, tutus and tiaras!

Everyone gets to be a star up on stage in the end of year productions that see proud parents crying and laughing at what their amazing children have learnt for the year.

Toodyay is 85km out of Perth, about 50 minutes drive from Midland and 20 minutes from Northam. The country family feel of TBS makes it a happy safe place for children and families. It is a great pleasure to teach and work with such a gorgeous group of students and parents , and we look forward to even more children and parents joining the Toodyay Ballet School Family in 2017. 

​Residential Address : 507 Julimar Road, Toodyay, WA, 6566

Activity type: Dance

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