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When & Where

Clarkson Library
Clarkson, 6030

About this activity...

Virtual Reality is emerging as an amazing tool for seniors, giving older people a chance to experience the sights and sounds of distant places, enjoy moments from their past and explore experiences that for reasons of age or poor health are physically inaccessible in real life.

Virtual Reality has also been shown to better seniors health by having a positive effect on mood, improving their mental health, reducing levels of anxiety and depression and improving socialisation through shared experience.

Come along to Clarkson Library to try it out.

Morning tea will be provided after each session while you chat to fellow participants about the experience!

The free sessions are running at 11am on Thursdays, beginning 11 February 2021.

Book now through Eventbrite or call Clarkson Library on 9407 1600.

Activity type: Support Groups - Technology

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