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5/43 Dellamart Road, Wangara
Wangara, 6065


West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy

About this activity...

West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy teach classical Aikido, with elements of Ju Jutsu, karate, judo, traditional weapons and a variety of other martial arts.

Many practice Aikido as a form of nonviolent self-defence, but many also train in Aikido for the mental and spiritual benefits that it provides.

We accept students of all ages from four years old up to adults of any age. You are never too old to start training in the martial arts and especially at our school. If you live in the Perth Northern Suburbs we invite you to come on down and try out a free, no-obligation trial class.

Where: 5/43 Dellamart Road, Wangara

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Sports & Fitness

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