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King Street Arts Centre
357 Murray Street
Perth, 6000

About this activity...

WAYTCo offers a range of performance and theatre making workshops for secondary schools and community groups. From scripted performance and monologues to devising, improvisation and movement, we cover it all – even poetry slamming!

Our professional tutors are vetted and have experience in training delivery and working with young people, as well as extensive knowledge of, and specialist skills in, theatre making and performance.

Common content:

Acting Fundamentals
Commedia dell’Arte
Emerging Director Skills
Improvisation and Movement
Script and Character work
Theatre Games
WAYTCo tutors are happy to visit schools across the Perth Metropolitan Area. We also love having school and community groups at our access-friendly studio in the King Street Arts Centre. Our studio can take groups of up to 25 people and is easy to walk to from the Perth Underground station.

Our standard program length is 4 weeks, and session length 1 hour. However, we can deliver one-off workshops or put together a multi-week program to order. We also offer customised workshops tailored to your specific needs.

To book a standard content program for your school or community group, contact Sian on" target="_blank">

To enquire about customised incursions or excursions, contact Leah on" target="_blank">

Activity type: Theatre & Cinema

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