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The Wildflower Society of Western Australia Inc (WSWA) was established in 1958 to promote the value of our natural bushland. The Society does this through regular meetings and excursions, native plant sales, bushland plant surveys, book sales, donations, and attendance at relevant events.

Getting involved with the Wildflower Society will give you direct access to an unmatched, independent depth of technical knowledge of WA’s wildflowers based on the work of its members and activities of its branches.

This knowledge can be easily accessed to help you to better know, grow, conserve and enjoy the wildflowers of Western Australia

We are well known for running events that provide massive value and are greatly enjoyed. These events are an opportunity to soak up the fantastic knowledge of members who love to share their passion for Western Australia’s wildflowers. Importantly, the events provide you with endless opportunities to get out and enjoy the wonderful beauty of Western Australia’s wildflowers.

The Wildflower Society currently has eleven branches across the South West of Western Australia. Most have monthly meetings and activities.

See our Events Calendar and join us.

Activity type: Gardening - Nature

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