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Writing and journaling are wonderful ways you can keep mentally healthy. They give you the chance to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a beneficial way. You can use writing and journaling to channel your creativity, relieve stress and to help you feel organised.

Here are some ways you can use writing and journaling to keep mentally healthy:
Set aside time each day or week to write, even if it’s a few minutes. Also make it easy to write by having paper handy or keeping a document open on your device.
- Start a writing project, think of things that you are passionate about to draw inspiration from, you may want to dedicate your project to someone or a specific cause. Share your project with family and friends!
- See if there is a writing club or group you can join in your area.
- Start a journal, however it feels right for you! You don’t have to follow a certain structure, you can just let your words flow freely.
- Visit your local government website for any writing or journaling activities they may be running.

Activity type: Arts & Crafts - Books & Reading - Health & Wellness - Spiritual

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