Make a difference March!

In March 2018 we asked students from our partnered Mentally Healthy Schools program to: Tell us what you do to make a positive difference to a friend, family member or your school community.

Winning Entry: Jasmine Prince, Mt Lawley SHS

I am an active Venturer at Karrinyup Scout Group. Every 2 weeks, myself and a few other Venturers volunteer our time at the Street Friends of WA. Street Friends WA is a volunteer organisation that provides food, blankets and clothing that has been donated to Perth’s homeless population on a regular basis. Everything that has been collected is distributed from a temporary site not far from the Perth Train Station. I began doing this on the 22nd of June by making care packages which are small bags that contain biscuits and chocolates which we then gave out a week later in the city. The type of things that I help out with are: Sausage Sizzle/food and water distribution Care Packages Bread (packaging and distribution) Clothing/blankets/toiletries Pack up We also managed to collect multiple sleeping bags through the Rotary Club and donations which we then gave to Street Friends. This is an amazing experience as you get to meet so many inspiring people and you are able to assist those less fortunate. I look forward to maintaining and strengthening the partnership between Street Friends WA and Karrinyup Scout group as we continue to help out in the future.

Second Place: Ryan Ward, Wyalkatchem DHS

I helped a kid that had hurt himself when he fell over. It was at recess at school and everyone just told him you’re old enough to deal with it, but he was a kindy kid. I told the teacher and then got a reward for the kindness. I also surprised my great great grandmother that is 99 and lives in Monaco and she got a great shock when I arrived to say hello! My great great grandmother has just turned 100 and I surprise her ever year! I help my uncle Mark on the farm by cleaning the troofs and feeding lamps.

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