No Lights No Lycra - a Fun and Unique Way to Get Active This Summer


Are you looking for a fun and unique way to get active this summer? No Lights No Lycra might just be what you need. It’s the fitness craze that’s taking Australia by storm, giving people a safe space to dance in complete darkness.

No Lights No Lycra (NLNL) is a fitness class with a difference. There is absolutely no pressure or expectations. No complicated dance routines to follow. No tight lycra that you have to wear. NLNL gives you the freedom to dance in your own space however YOU feel like. It’s the perfect place to forget your worries and lose yourself in the dark. Plus it’s an alcohol and drug free space.

Bringing People Together

NLNL is all about bringing people together regardless of age, body shape, dance experience (or lack of) and best of all, no dance partners needed. You can leave your inhibitions at the door as you literally get the chance to dance like nobody is watching.

It is a welcoming environment for people to gather and dance til your heart is content. They say dancing is a form of creative expression as well, so you never know you might even bust out those moves you have never been game enough to try with the lights on.  

Plus you get the chance to listen to feel-good music every week. Each playlist is made up of songs specifically chosen to get your heart pumping and limbs flailing.  From classics to contemporary hits, the music spans across different genres to make every session a unique experience. So if you are getting bored of your same old fitness routine, NLNL could be just what you need.

No Lights No Lycra Bibra Lake

At $10 for a one hour session, you can forget about expensive gym memberships. There are absolutely no joining fees or membership requirements. Just turn up for a dance when you are in the mood. This is just another reason why NLNL is especially appealing for people who are perhaps a little shy or returning to exercise after a long time. After all, it’s the sort of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

Dancing is said to have many benefits for your mental health. Next time you find yourself on the dance floor, try to do it in a more mindful way. By bringing your attention to the movements of your body, your breath, the rhythm of the music and how this makes you feel, you can get the benefits of both exercise and mindfulness at the same time.

The Benefits of Dance on Mental Health

It has been shown that dancing can also improve your mental health by:

  • Releasing feel-good endorphins
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Increasing feelings of happiness
  • May improve your confidence and body image
  • Can help to express your emotions through movement
  • Increase feelings of mindfulness by being present in the moment
  • Increase a sense of belonging and community

With six locations across Perth (Bibra Lake, West Leederville, Joondalup, Bassendean, Scarborough and Victoria Park) and others throughout WA, there are so many ways you can get your groove on and Act-Belong-Commit for your mental health. Whilst dancing in pitch black with a room full of strangers may sound strange at first, you will be surprised at how ‘freeing’ it is.  The best thing you can do is give it a go. This is a date with the dance floor you don’t want to miss.

You can search for your nearest No Lights No Lycra here.

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When she’s not busy working as an IVF pharmacist or being a mum, Nora loves doing new things that live up to her nickname of ‘Nora the Explorer.’  She is passionate about self-care and staying mentally healthy. You can stay up to date with her adventures and all things Perth on Instagram @loveperthlife.

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