Do not let winter rain on your parade!

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It’s that time of year again where the daylight gets shorter, the weather cools down and our lakes and dams start to fill up again.

For some people, this time of year is particularly difficult as the change of season can lead to a decrease in physical activity and leave them feeling unhappy and isolated from friends and family. 

The change in weather doesn’t have to negatively affect our mental health. 

There are many great ways to stay Active, Belong and Commit throughout winter!

The Act-Belong-Commit campaign directed by Mentally Healthy WA at Curtin University promotes keeping active, having a sense of belonging and purpose in life for good mental health and well-being. To encourage this throughout the colder months, the Act-Belong-Commit team has put together some ideas on how to stay Mentally Healthy throughout winter:

Act: Get cosy and start reading a new book, drink warm tea to curb those extra food cravings, rug up and enjoy the fresh air on walks, develop an exercise routine in the comfort of your own home, experiment with a new winter recipe or invite a friend over for a catch up.

Belong: Organise a night in with your friends to watch a movie, plan a family get together and enjoy a hearty meal, plan a picnic on a sunny winter’s day, start or join a book club, attend performances, quiz or comedy nights or join a choir.

Commit: Clear out the clutter and donate clothes you don't wear anymore to an Op Shop, volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate old towels and rugs to a local animal shelter or start a new online course.

These activities don’t rely on the summer weather, are low cost or free and can help keep you Mentally Healthy this winter!

For further ideas on how to keep mentally healthy during the colder months browse the activities listed on the Act-Belong-Commit website.



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