Partner with Us

Does your group or organisation share our vision for a mentally healthy society? One where EVERYONE has the opportunity to BE mentally healthy?

If your group or organisation is keen to change the way people think about mental health or strives to improve individual and community well-being, why not become an official Act-Belong-Commit partner?

Together we can raise mental health awareness, strengthen individual and community resilience, reduce stigma and build mentally healthier communities!

Why partner?

  • Improve the mental health

    of your staff, members, participants, residents and volunteers

  • Increase the reach

    of your events and activities on a state-wide level

  • De-stigmatise mental illness

    Increase people's openness in talking about mental health and mental illness

  • Help your community

    Reduce the long-term outcomes of mental health problems including depression, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse and crime

  • Gain more members and volunteers

    and increase participation in your activities and events

  • Embed Act-Belong-Commit messages and strategies

    into your programs and activities

  • Change perceptions

    of mental health to encompass physical AND mental wellbeing

  • Create a sense of community connectedness

    and increase individual resilience

We surveyed 83 partners in 2018, and the results showed:


69% of Act-Belong-Commit partner organisations noticed an increase in the awareness of the need to stay mentally healthy among staff, members and volunteers since the partnership commenced.


In 2018, over half of our campaign partners surveyed (60%) noticed an increase in the overall mental health of staff, members and volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us to discuss further.