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New Parents

Having a baby is a life changing experience.

Becoming a new parent is exciting and emotional, but at times it can also be stressful. Take steps to boost your mental health during this time with Act-Belong-Commit. 

Act-Belong-Commit can help you cope better with any challenges you come up against whilst improving your overall wellbeing. This will in turn help you to feel happy and enjoy the experience of being a new parent, which will have a positive impact on your baby and family.

Here's some ideas to help you to Act-Belong-Commit for your mental health and wellbeing:


You can keep active by:

• Taking the baby out for a walk in the pram

• Heading to the park for some fresh air

• Catching up with friends for a coffee

• Calling a friend for a chat when you’re out on a walk or cuddling your baby on the couch.

Keep in touch with friends, family and the community by:

• Connecting with other new parents, be it on or offline

• Finding support networks in your community, such as mothers or fathers groups

• Talking to your partner

• Saying yes when someone offers you some support

• Joining a local playgroup.

Having meaning and purpose in life increases life satisfaction and resilience. You can commit by:

• Setting yourself small, manageable goals - keep it simple!

• Registering for a parenting course

• Taking your baby to swimming lessons designed for parents with babies!

• Remember - becoming a parent is a big challenge, so make sure you celebrate your achievements!

It's not always easy adapting to life as a new parent, so make sure you take time for yourself, time to do something you enjoy.


Here are some resources to help to look after your mental health and wellbeing as a new parent:

Organisations and Helplines

Need Support?

There are a number of resources and organisations you can refer to for further information and support. 

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