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Being active boosts your mood, helps you cope with problems and stress. You can keep active by getting involved in your baby’s everyday life.

• Take the pram out for a walk or run

• Head to the park, get into nature and get in the fresh air

• Catch up with friends for a coffee

• Or call a friend when you’re on a walk with bub

Belonging helps build friendships, creates opportunities and simply feels good! Keeping in touch with friends, family and members of the community helps us stay connected and involved in everyday life 

• Try a play group and connect with other new parents

• Find a mums or dads group in your local area

• Try and make time for family and friends

Commitment gives us a sense of meaning and purpose in life which increases life satisfaction and resilience.

• Set yourself small & manageable goals to help you be the best parent you can be

• You could register for a parenting course, or look for information on how kids’ mental and social skills develop

• Becoming a parent is a big challenge, make sure you celebrate your achievements

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