Retirees and Older Australians


Act-Belong-Commit Retirees Brochure

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Being active keeps us alert, energised, in touch with others and lifts our spirits. 

• do some gardening and get to know your neighbours better

• dance a little

• call a friend on the phone

• read books or listen to music

• have a chat down at the shops

• play cards or do a puzzle

• go for a bush walk or ride a bike around your local park

Connecting with people provides you with the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging in the community, make new friendships and talk to others with similar interests.

• spend more time with family and friends

• join an acting or singing group

• explore your local community garden

• sign up at a local sport or recreation club

Commitment gives us a sense of meaning and purpose in life which increases life satisfaction and resilience.

• learn a new instrument, language or skill

• volunteer in an area that has always interested you

• adopt or foster an animal

• create a home improvement project

• make a financial plan for retirement

• get involved in a community service group such as Rotary or Probus

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