Mental Health Recovery

Doing mentally healthy activities is an important part of your recovery and will help with any other emotional and practical strategies you have learnt during your recovery. This will help you feel better able to cope in the future, and enjoy life more.


Do Something

Keep active physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

• Take a walk in nature

• Catch up with a friend

• Go for a picnic in the park or at the beach

• Try a new recipe

• Try an activity like yoga which is great for your body and relaxing for your mind.

Doing an activity in nature - whether it’s the park, garden, beach or bush, can give an extra mental health boost. It helps us recover from stress and helps us to relax.

Do Something With Someone

Belonging involves building and maintaining friendships and keeping connected to the community.

• Join a group in your community, such as a recovery or support group, sports club, arts society or hobby group

• Make an effort to meet up with family or friends for outings, or nights in together

• Join in club and community events.

Do Something Meaningful

Do things that provide meaning and purpose in life. Making a ‘commitment’ to activities and achieving your goals builds self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

• Do a random act of kindness

Further develop a skill you have

• If you regularly attend a group, you may like to consider taking on a volunteer role, or offer to help fellow members with group activities.

Resources to Download

Here's some free resources to help you Act-Belong-Commit:

Other Useful Resources